Feature Film Premiere in the US

We recently completed work on the feature length documentary Aida’s Secrets (with good reviews from the Hollywood Reporter and the New York Times). It was directed by Alon and Shaul Schwarz and is in cinemas throughout the US as we speak.

We’ve also been busy scoring music for the movie Harmonia directed by Ori Sivan. It’s a very dramatic film involving a sort of love triangle between musicians in an orchestra and the story of their musically gifted son who’s caught in the middle of it all. The best bit for us is that music was at the very centre of the drama - we not only recorded with orchestra but also had lots of filming with them as well. Harmonia has been nominated for Best Sound for the Ophir Awards (also known as the Israeli Oscars…)

The picture you can see is composers OJ and Fridel in a Q&A at the US premiere of Harmonia at the Chicago Film Festival. As you may know composers usually don’t do Q&As at this type of event, so it was a special honour to be asked to talk about the musical process behind it.

That’s all for now folks, Harmonia is now in the festival circuit and hopefully, soon, you will be able to watch it in the cinema!